Are you a player and new to MATCHi?

Down below you'll find a short guide on how to get started with MATCHi

Create a user account

  • Open the app on your phone/device

  • Allow the app to see your location (will allow you to find facilities near you)

  • Select Create new account

  • Fill in your information

  • Wait for an Account activation email from MATCHi

  • Click on the link in the email

*if you have not received an activation email within an hour, check your spam inbox, and if not there, please contact our customer success team at +46 10 405 88 00.

Click Create account

01 Create an account 01

Fill in your information

01 Create an account 02

Activation email with link

Skärmavbild 2023-03-21 kl. 2.23.39 em (1)


Add payment method

The app will ask you to add your payment method when you are trying to checkout your first purchase. A purchase can be a booking, activity, or membership

  • You can add any debit or credit card

  • MATCHi will save your information for future purchases (non-mandatory)


Click Add card

02 Add card 01

Click Add card

02 Add card 02

Enter your card

information & click Save card

02 Add card 03


Bookings, activities & memberships

You can now start booking courts and activities, as well as buy memberships at venues that offer them.

  • The Play Tab finds the closest venues to your location and presents you with available times today or any date that you prefer

  • The Activity Tab showcases activities that venues near you are offering today or any dates that you prefer

  • Memberships (if offered) are purchased by clicking on a venues name -> About -> Become a member

Play tab

03 Play tab

Activity tab

03 Activies tab


03 Membership