Activate your players through tournaments

If leagues provide the steady stream of dopamine and activation that players want in their everyday life, tournaments can offer something extra, a little twist. In addition to being a fun occurrence for your current players, it also creates an opporunity to showcase your venue to potential new players.

A tournament can be structured in many different ways and run for a couple of hours or over several days. It can be everything from a local event, to a sanctioned competition with the best players in the region or even the country. Whatever the level, it's always a good time to engage your current sponsors or try to bring new ones onboard to your venue. As a matter of fact, a tournament is a great way for the sponsors to get exposure and if you stream the event, using MATCHi TV, they will also get a greater reach outside of the venue doors.

Needless to say, your tournaments can and should be arranged using our very own tournament-enabler, Padelboard By MATCHi. A tool that allows you to host tournaments, regardless of size, in an hassle-free and more than easy way. Read all about it and get started by following this tidy link.


- It's a great option for those who cannot play a league every week but still want to compete (or for those who just can't get enough...).  

- An opportunity to push the event on social media to create some buzz, and don’t forget to reach out to your current players via personalized emails through MATCHi.  

- A chance for everyone to see the best players compete. A great time to involve the younger players as officials for the event. 


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