How to create a loyal community of players

The interest for leagues has grown rapidly, and it’s easy to understand why. Players love to meet, and get to know other players at their own level - just like any other sport. The most popular form of league play is still the traditional box league with divisions running over several rounds, however other forms of casual leagues such as ladders are also on the rise.

With our league play platform, Backhandsmash, you can easily manage your leagues with all the flexibility you might need. To make things even smoother for you, we’ve integrated it with the MATCHi app which provides a great user experience for the player. As a player, you can report your results, move your matches if needed and follow the standing in the league directly in the app. Icing on the cake? Through MATCHi, you can also charge the players directly through the platform and keep track of all payments. 

We want you to focus on activities that create value, not chase down the player for their payment. Because at the end of the day, that will only create unnecessary stress on your players.

Why league play?

- It has a tendency to create loyal players who play continuously and also want to keep their position in the league. With a willingness to improve their game, league players has the potential to become the type of players that spend most time and money at your venue over time.

- It creates sub-communities among players on the same level. This typically leads to more matches being played outside of the league.

- It provides great predictability and cash flow for the venue.

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