MATCHi acquires video streaming platform Padelgo to strengthen position as preferred booking partner for the global racket sports community

MATCHi, one of the world’s fastest-growing racket sports platforms connecting players with venues, has acquired Padelgo, one of the world’s leading streaming services for padel content. The acquisition further cements MATCHi’s position as the preferred booking partner for the fast-growing, global community of padel operators and enthusiasts.

Press release

Daniel Ekman, CEO at MATCHi“We are thrilled to welcome Padelgo to the team. With its strong track record and innovative culture, Padelgo is a great addition to MATCHi’s product portfolio. The acquisition gives us the opportunity to increase customer value and to enhance our tournament platform and on-premise services at multiple touchpoints to give players and venues the best possible experience. Together, we look forward to continuing MATCHi’s journey to empower people in racket sports through user-friendly tech.”

Founded in 2012, MATCHi has quickly established itself as the international racket sports enabler of choice for players and venues – offering comprehensive services to more than 1400 venues, over 1 million players, and partnering with some of the largest padel chains in the world. Recent European staple names to join MATCHi’s client roster include the world’s largest padel chains such as WAP, PDL, and Padel United (Sweden), Racket Club (Denmark), and Game4Padel (UK). Backed by Sprints Capital and Verdane, MATCHi is further strengthening its position as a key platform within the global racket sports ecosystem, with add-on acquisitions a part of accelerating growth and making racket sports more enjoyable for venues and players alike.

According to Verified Market Research, the worldwide sports online live video streaming market is expected to reach over USD 87 billion by 2028. Padelgo, active within this segment, offers its services to enable players to start a video stream by simply scanning a QR code at more than 140 venues across Europe. According to a recent study conducted by Padelgo, 30% of players said they had streamed their game at least once – a number that is expected to grow as venues look for new ways to improve the player experience. The service has been well received by users, as the platform has reached over 400 000 unique viewers, a number that is expected to continue to grow.

Max Carlsén, Director at Verdane, commented
: “MATCHi has always aimed high and is in a strong position to scale its platform internationally. With a rapid increase in the number of padel venues, venue owners looking to optimize the player experience and generate customer loyalty are increasingly turning to video streaming as a way of helping passionate players boost their own performance. We look forward to continuing to support MATCHi as it strategically expands its market offering organically and inorganically to continue to provide the market’s best solution for both players and venues.”

Filip Hedin, Partner at Sprints Capital, commented: 
“We have always been impressed by MATCHi’s commitment to making racket sports more accessible and its genuine desire to grow the community. The acquisition of Padelgo broadens the offering to venues and improves the player experience through its easy-to-use video streaming service, which is something of increasing interest and demand by players. The MATCHi team has an exciting journey ahead of them and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”


About Padelgo

Founded in 2019, Sweden, by Magnus Weidmar, Daniel Berg, Kim Olsson and Markus Lundberg, Padelgo offers a streaming service and player community for padel players looking to broadcast and watch padel. It also provides venues with a tool to easily create and stream events – either for free or as pay-per-view. The service is available at more than 140 padel venues in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, and Spain. Padelgo has reached more than 400 000 unique viewers across all markets and is well on its way to realizing its vision to create a better padel experience for everyone, everywhere.

About MATCHi

MATCHi exists to empower people in racket sports through user-friendly tech. MATCHi’s booking platform helps clubs administer less and connects venues with players through its marketplace. Founded in 2012, MATCHi was created to facilitate the growth of racket sports and has in recent years grown to become one of the world’s largest companies in the segment. With more than 1400 venues, over 1 million players, and close to 80 employees spread out across the globe, MATCHi’s vision is to be the go-to platform for the global racket sports community.

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