MATCHi partner up with Tennis and Padel Australia to drive growth of the sport

Press release from Tennis Australia: MATCHi is the world's fastest-growing booking system for racquet sports including Padel.

Global racquet sports tech company, MATCHi has been selected to take part in the AO StartUps program. The platform enables players to easily book courts, activities and keep track of their leagues on the go.

AO StartUps is the latest step in Tennis Australia’s innovation program which helps early-stage companies pilot their cutting-edge technology at the Australian Open and other areas of Australian tennis.

“We see huge potential in the platform that MATCHi has built over the past 10 years and want to captalise on its user-friendly functionality to help drive participation across Australia,” Tennis Australia Head of Innovation Dr Machar Reid said.

The MATCHi application will be piloted by players and venues across Australia throughout 2023 and play a critical role in helping support the growth of complementary formats and racquet sports such as Padel Tennis.

“This pilot is an exciting opportunity to continue to grow our strong participation numbers as we deliver more ways for people to play more often,” Tennis Australia Chief Tennis Officer Tom Larner said.

“Padel is enjoyed across more than 90 countries and by more than 20 million players* and while the sport’s introduction to Australia is only relatively new, there’s already significant uptake in its popularity.”

MATCHi CEO Daniel Ekman kicked off the company’s journey in 2012 and has overseen its growth from early beginnings in Sweden to becoming a global platform.

“Joining forces with Tennis and Padel Australia is an important milestone on our path towards being the obvious platform for the global racquet sports community,” Ekman said.

“We are stoked to have this opportunity to help drive racquet sports engagement in one of the top markets in the world.”

The full cohort of AO StartUps will be announced across AO 2023.

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