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MATCHi has all the on-premise tools your venue needs to maximize the player experience.

Make your venue even more attractive

At MATCHi, we want to help optimize your venue, creating a better on-site experience. To enable this, the player journey needs to be on point - with everything from booking online, arriving, and playing at your venue.

We've developed a few key add-ons to make this happen. Have a look and contact us if you find anything you like!


One cabinet, endless possibilities

Together with Instant Systems, MATCHi has developed the world’s first automated rental machine for padel. Through our padel kiosk, we make it easier for players to start their match while at the same time making it easier for venues to maximize their rental income. You decide which products that should be available in the kiosk.

  • Increase revenue from racket rentals

  • Minimize waste of rackets

  • Automize the rental process

  • Sell or rent out products

  • Works both with app and card



A league of your own

At MATCHi, we constantly strive to make racket sports more accessible and enjoyable. Through our integrated league play platform, we enable just that. Create your own leagues and ensure a loyal customer base in return. In short, become a league of your own. 

  • Player registers their results in the MATCHi app

  • Allow players to re-schedule matches

  • Automatically sets a canceled time as vacant

  • Several different point systems

  • Pay only when you have an active league

Addons Leagues@2x


A warm welcome

MATCHi’s digital signage solution, powered by Cleversign, is a great way for venues to welcome their members and visitors. By helping players to quickly find their booked courts or showcasing your latest offers, you can enhance the positive experience of their visits and create an even more inviting environment.

  • Increase the visibility of your sponsors

  • Access via computer, mobile, or tablet

  • User-friendly interface

  • Easy publishing

  • Show upcoming events



Streaming made easy

By adding MATCHi TV cameras to your courts, you enable your players to stream, watch and learn how to become better padel players. You can easily stream live events at your venues - all so you can elevate your digital customer experience.

  • Stream live events at your venue

  • Create premium content with MATCHi TV Studio

  • Players can stream all their matches

  • Showcase your leagues

  • Use streams for training purposes



Simplify your tournaments

Through Padelboard Arena, your venue can arrange digital and automated tournaments in an easy and intuitive way - regardless of size. By adding tournaments to your venue, you create customer value and in turn maintain a loyal customer base.

  • Engage and retain your customer base

  • Create a padel community

  • Save time on administration

  • Increase occupancy



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