Create your own leagues and ensure a loyal customer base in return

Make your venue even more competitive

We want to help your venue deliver a great racket sports experience to all of your players, it's as easy as that. One important aspect in enabling that is to have the right tools. No need to worry - we’ve got you covered. Let’s get competitive, shall we?

A league of your own

At MATCHi, we constantly strive to make racket sports more accessible and enjoyable. Through our integrated league play platform, Backhandsmash, we enable just that. Create your own leagues and ensure a loyal customer base in return. 


Why league play?

During recent years, club internal league play has become increasingly popular amongst venues, and it’s easy to understand why.



Provide players with a social competition format that they want to come back to.

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League play works for all levels of players, regardless of skill.

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Player base

A well-run league will attract players from other clubs, enabling you grow your player base.



Player registers their results in the MATCHi app. You sit back and relax. 



By offering league play at your venue, you can obtain an active player base and increase your revenue.
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We offer a variety of formats to attract as many players as possible.

As easy as game, set, match

Players easily connect with our league play platform through the MATCHi app and keep track of their leagues on the go. 


Let's get started

We'll have you up and running in no time. Pay per player and round: The on-going time period between when players/teams move up and down in the divisions.

Per player and round

3 €

  • Easy setup
  • League play without fuss
  • Pay only when you have an active league


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