MATCHi and SNP Estrella Damm join forces

MATCHi has teamed up with Spanish SNP Estrella Damm to help launch the world’s largest padel tournament for amateurs in Sweden. With over 70 000 players and 750 connected clubs in Spain, SNP is bringing their well-renowned padel competition to the Swedish market. We’re glad to announce that MATCHi users will get a discount on the registration fee. So, how does it work?

SNP Estrella Damm was first founded back in 2014 and since then the tournament has grown tremendously. Today, it’s the world’s largest padel tournament for amateurs at all levels. There are four different playing levels: FUTURE, 500, 1000, and GRAND SLAM, which makes it possible for both beginners as well as experienced players to participate on equal terms. Each team plays at least 8 matches in the first round and at least 1 match in the regional playoffs. The best teams from the league and the playoffs advance to the national final. There they get to play for a chance to represent Sweden in the SNP Estrella Damm International Master in Madrid in June 2021.

How does it work for the players?

To participate, you sign up your team on the SNP website. You can either play as an independent team, as a representative for your company, or as a club representative. Either way, you choose a home club where you’ll play half of your matches. If you don’t make an active choice, SNP will pick a club near you as your home club. Your team is then placed in a group with five teams, all at the same level. And then the game is on! To read more, download a short presentation (in Swedish) here.

How much does it cost to register?

The registration fee is 1 150 kr/team. However, if you choose a MATCHi-associated venue as your home club, the registration fee is only 975 kr. Booking fees for courts are not included in the registration fee, but new balls are provided by SNP for each match.

How does it work for the clubs?

Registering, and thereby marketing, your club as a venue for SNP league and play-off matches is free of charge. The more teams that choose your club as their home club, the more matches will be played at your venue. Registering your venue on the SNP website could help you to both increase your occupancy as well as loyalizing players in your area. If your venue uses MATCHi as your preferred booking- and administration platform, teams who choose you as their home club will get a discount on their SNP-registration fee. In other words, a win-win situation!

Download a presentation (in Swedish) to learn more about the benefits for you as a club here.

A quick throwback to previous finals

Are you as excited by this as we are? Then we think you might enjoy looking at this inspirational video from one of the previous finals💥👇


Good to know

Time period/Schedule

The first round of the league is played between November 2020-March 2021. The regional playoffs take place in Mars-April 2021 and the winners are invited to participate in the Swedish national final in May 2021. The international final in Madrid is played in June 2021.

Application deadline

All teams must register their participation on the 26th of October at the latest. The tournament begins 12th of November.

Organizing a match

It’s always the team captain that is in charge of booking the matches. The home team must offer the visiting team two dates within the competition calendar decided by SNP.

Traveling to a venue

SNP will work as hard as they can to ensure that the teams within each region won’t need to travel longer than 60 minutes to get to a match. 

More FAQs (in Swedish) can be found on the SNP Estrella Damm website here.

Best of luck and we hope to see you on the courts soon!


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