New feature: 3 new activity features

Activities are getting increasingly more popular and are used by venues across the globe, and it’s easy to understand why: They activate the player base. In light of this, we decided to turn it up a notch and enable even more activity value for both players and venues alike. Let us introduce our 3 brand new activity features.

Email to participants

This has been a highly sought-after one, the ability to send emails to activity participants. And now it’s here. Use the feature to inform and update the players about an upcoming activity, to thank them for attending and to market future activities - why not include a sign-up link while your at it? Just follow these simple steps!

1. Go to Activities
2. Chose an activity with an upcoming occasion
3. Click on the activity
4. Press Send email


Wait list in the app

From now on, players can enter a wait list for an activity that’s currently fully booked. The process is simple. A player joins the wait list, and if a spot becomes available, the player will be notified and get a chance to join the activity.

A feature that will give venues a chance to fill as many spots as possible, and for players an easy way to sign up without having to manually check the activity.




Share specific activity occasion links

Have a few spots left ahead of your activity? Make sure to market it on your social media by sharing activity occasion links. A perfect way to “hunt down” those last spots and enable quick and easy sign-ups for the players - directly in the app. Here’s how you go about it:

1. Go to a specific activity occasion
2. Click “Share link”
3. Share it on social media, newsletters - you decide!
4. Participants will be directed to the activity occasion


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