New feature: Non-public activities 📱

New week, new feature from the home of racket sports. This time it's about the ability for venues to create non-public activities. Let's jump right into it!

Why non-public activities? 

When we refer to "Non-public activity", we are talking about an activity that will not appear on the public activity feed in MATCHi. This allows venues to offer customized racket sports experiences for their selected participants. For instance, it could be beneficial for granting particular players/members priority access to an activity, or to streamline the planning of corporate and private events.

A public demo of non-public activities 🗣🔈

We’ve decided to invite one of our Solutions Engineers, Adam, to give you the details. Take it away, Adam! 👋


Adam suggests using the feature for.. 👇

  • Activities tailored for a specific group of individuals within a chat group.
  • Registration process designed for employees of a company hosting a private event.
  • Registration process (including payment) for students of a school planning a private event.
  • Activities that require a higher skill level and longer playing experience.

To review the presentation again and at your own pace, click on this link 👈

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