New feature: Tag activities! 📌

The wonders of activities, and now we’ve made them even more wonderful. Let’s take a closer look at our latest addition to our feature list, and how it will make your activity life's easier. Introducing: Tag activities!

Our new feature 

As our padel report suggested, activities are on the rise and offer a great way to activate your players. That’s why they can and should play an integral part of your venue management. To make things even smoother for you, we’ve now made it possible to tag them - making it a whole lot easier for players to find the right activity within the app. Great, right?

Rest assured, this feature is only one of many we’re releasing throughout the year, and something that we’ll enable us to take new, exciting leaps within the product.

A walk-through 🗣🔈

To give you a better understanding of the feature, we decided to invite a few of our co-workers to give you all the details, just press play to get started. Say hello to August and Olle! 👋


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