Padel on tour - Denmark

We're thrilled to release a brand new episode of Padel on Tour. This time we go to an inspiring adventure through Denmark!

Padel in Denmark

Padel on tour is our way of exploring and understanding the global padel landscape and its growth. Together with Padel Alto, we’ve travelled across the globe - from Argentina to the UK, from Dubai to the Netherlands. And now, our attention is directed towards Denmark.

In this episode

This episode focuses on the Danish padel landscape and it's creativity, innovation and sustainability. Our journey takes us to Aarhus where we meet up with Pakhus 77 and its co-founder Jeppe Torp Hey, and we also get a glimpse into Padel Padel and how they combine padel with charity.

What else? We meet the rising padel star Oscar Sebber Gormsen, talk about vision and ambition with Jacob Østergaard at Racket Club, and we interview Denmarks best player, Esben Hess-Olesen. Enjoy!


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