MATCHi partner with Badminton Denmark to elevate the competition landscape through streaming

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Badminton Denmark. The partnership will see our streaming platform, MATCHi TV, becoming responsible for streaming the domestic, federation-run tournaments across the country.

An influential sport 

Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports - and sports in general for that matter - in Denmark. The numbers paint a clear picture. At the time of writing, above 110.000 people around Denmark play badminton, and there are more than 800 badminton arenas spread out across the country - showcasing the sport’s popularity amongst the Danish population.

Our new partner is governing and facilitating the sport. Badminton Denmark is the only sports federation in Denmark that works for development and better conditions for all badminton players at both general and elite level. They represent over 700 clubs and 92.000 players across the country.

What the partnership entails

Last year, we partnered up with the Danish Padel Federation - helping make the sport more accessible. Now, we look to do the same for Badminton Denmark. Through this partnership, MATCHi TV will be responsible for live-streaming the domestic, federation-run tournaments - giving curious spectators the chance to watch the drama unfold live. This includes Badmintonligaen – the best badminton league in Denmark, of which the first round is taking place on August 31. Anna Ek, Sponsor and Partnership Manager at MATCHi, comments.

“We’re super excited and proud to partner up with Badminton Denmark, and help them stream the domestic tournaments. This partnership is a testament to the huge interest in badminton across the nation, and a great opportunity for us to showcase what MATCHi TV is all about, and that it works for all racket sports. We look forward to cooperating with Badminton Denmark!”

“We’re happy to announce this partnership with MATCHi. MATCHi’s platform and organization has given us a strong belief in that this is going to be a great partnership for Badminton Denmark because it gives us an opportunity to reach even more fans with our sport. Besides that, our member clubs will be able to benefit from this new partnership, by making their own subscription to MATCHi, and it will give them a platform to livestream their own matches, tournaments and so on. We are looking forward to starting this new partnership with MATCHi" says Kristian Langbak, CEO at Badminton Danmark.

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