MATCHi becomes partner to the Danish Padel Federation (DPF) to further digitize the sport and enable future generations to play more

MATCHi, one of the world’s largest platforms for racket sports, has recently signed a partnership with the Danish Padel Federation. The partnership presents the Nordic market leader with new opportunities to further broaden the sport through user-friendly tech, and to introduce the younger generation to padel - help build the sport from the ground up.

In recent years, the Danish padel market has experienced exponential growth, with a steady and continuous increase in venues and players. An evolution that MATCHi has witnessed firsthand, having helped facilitate the growth through user-friendly tech and racket sports-enabling products. A journey that has seen MATCHi becoming the responsible booking partner of choice for more than 60 racket sports venues across Denmark. Now, MATCHi has become an official partner of the Danish Padel Federation (DPF).

Together with the Danish Padel Federation, MATCHi will support a Juniors Tour to help broaden and introduce future generations to padel - thereby laying the foundation for sustainable growth of the sport. Apart from this, the partnership will see MATCHi organize and broadcast the DPF majors on its streaming platform, MATCHi TV, making padel more accessible. Lastly, the newfound partnership will enable DPF to host a nationwide league play format through one of MATCHi’s competition tools, Backhandsmash.

Anna Ek, Sponsor and Partnership Manager at MATCHi, is thrilled to partner up with the Danish Padel Federation.

At MATCHi, we’ve always strived to make racket sports more accessible and to make people play more. Through this partnership, we are able to do just that. Using our tech to inspire the youth, while at the same time broadening the sport - creating a strong, sustainable padel community within the country. We really look forward to cooperating with the Danish Padel Federation and together growing the sport even further”  

The Danish Padel Association is proud of its collaboration with MATCHi. We are getting a partner who is both innovative and strongly motivated to support the development of padel in Denmark. We share the same passion for the sport and the desire to support youth work, as we're on a mission to educate the next generation of padel players. All in order to pursue and reach the goal of making padel a people’s sport here in Denmark.” Says Kristoffer Jørgensen at the Danish Padel Federation.

About MATCHi  
MATCHi exists to empower people in racket sports through user-friendly tech. MATCHi’s booking platform helps clubs administer less and connects venues with players through its marketplace. Founded in 2012, MATCHi was created to facilitate the growth of racket sports and has in recent years grown to become one of the world’s largest companies in the segment. With over 1700 venues, over 1 million players, and close to 100 employees spread out across the globe, MATCHi’s vision is to be the go-to platform for the global racket sports community.

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Anna Ek, Sponsor and Partnership Manager, MATCHi

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