MATCHi becomes the technical partner to the Norwegian Tennis Federation

We have the privilege to announce that we’ve signed a partnership with the Norwegian Tennis Federation. The partnership will see us broaden and further digitize padel and tennis in Norway. Padel has been a part of the tennis federation since 2015.

Our partnership

In recent years, the Norwegian padel market has experienced exponential growth, with a steady and continuous increase in venues and players. An evolution that MATCHi has witnessed firsthand, having helped facilitate the growth through user-friendly tech and racket sports-enabling products. A journey that has seen MATCHi becoming the platform of choice for more than 90 padel venues and 90 tennis venues across Norway.

To make padel and tennis more accessible, MATCHi has been chosen as the technical partner for the Norwegian Tennis Federation.

"MATCHi is an innovative tech company that has done, and is doing, a lot of good for both tennis and padel in Norway. The Norwegian Tennis Federation is proud to have a strong partner in tech and streaming and we are looking forward to the collaboration" says Håkon Bjercke, Marketing Manager at NTF.

Anna Ek, Sponsor and Partnership Manager at MATCHi, is also thrilled to partner up with the Norwegian Tennis Federation:

“It’s more than exciting to partner up with the Norwegian Tennis Federation, helping them bring people closer to the “action” through user-friendly tech. Padel is really is starting to take off in Norway and more and more people are getting involved in the sport. We are genuinely delighted to contribute to the evolvement!”


About MATCHi

MATCHi is a complete platform for racket sports venues world wide. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve found the perfect balance between user-friendly technology and powerful functionality. We want to make racket sports more enjoyable, easier and more accessible and we connect venues and players to enable people to play more.

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