First international padel tournament (FIP Rise) in Norway set to be live-streamed via MATCHi TV

We have the great privilege to announce that MATCHi TV has become the responsible streaming partner for Norway’s first-ever international padel tournament. The International Padel Federation’s FIP Rise-event in Drammen, Norway, set to take place 25 oct – 30 Oct, will be live streamed via MATCHi TV.

What is MATCHi TV?

Through MATCHi TV, venues and players are provided with a streaming tool that enhances the racket sports experience. Players can stream, watch and learn how to improve their game. Venues can live stream local events, offer coaching sessions, and include live commentary. As of now, 80 venues in 14 different countries are connected to the service.

A sport on the rise

The Norwegian padel scene is really starting to take off, with a steady increase of venues and players. An evolution that we’ve been first hand witnesses to, having helped facilitate the growth through padel-enabling products for more than 70 padel venues in Norway. To make padel more accessible, MATCHi TV will live stream the upcoming FIP Rise-event in Drammen. The first-ever international padel tournament in Norway.

Watch the drama unfold

The tournament is part of the Cupra FIP Tour, consisting of six separate categories, with FIP Rise being one of them. MATCHi TV will be responsible for streaming the tournament, scheduled to take place 25 oct – 30 Oct. What will be streamed? Matches played on the Center Court during the qualification rounds, and everything from the quarter-finals onwards - both women and men.

Curious spectators can watch the drama unfold live by visiting and head directly to the event. For more information about the tournament and the schedule, please visit the tournaments website.


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