Lights, camera, action - DPF1000 series to be live-streamed via MATCHi TV

We’ve recently entered a partnership with the Danish Padel Federation (DPF). Through this cooperation, we’re not only enabling future generations to become introduced to padel - we also get a chance to make the sport more accessible through our streaming platform, MATCHi TV, starting tomorrow with the DPF1000 in Middelfart set to be live-streamed through the streaming platform this saturday.

What is MATCHi TV?

Through MATCHi TV, venues and players are provided with a powerful streaming tool that enhances the racket sports experience. Players can stream, watch and learn how to improve their game. Meanwhile, venues can live stream local events, offer coaching sessions, and include live commentary to their tournaments. As of now, 80 venues in 14 different countries are connected to the service, and as many as 920 courts have a camera installed.

Follow the drama through MATCHi TV

In light of our new-found cooperation with DPF, we’re privileged to announce that we are going to live-stream the upcoming, and future DPF1000 series. The first of which is scheduled to take place at Padel Center in Middelfart, Denmark on the 29th of October. This will enable curious spectators from across the country and the rest of the world to see the drama unfold through premium streaming.

Anna Ek, Sponsor and partnership Manager at MATCHi, comments:

“The Danish padel scene just keeps growing - with new players being introduced to the sport continuously. That’s why it only feels fitting to make the sport even more accessible through streaming, and to give people a glimpse of its competitive nature. We’re proud to have been given this chance by DPF''

Please visit to get access to the games
and follow the action, or visit the tournaments website for more info about the draws.

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