Padelworld Bochum joins MATCHi, the leading booking platform within racket sports in Europe

Since 2012, Swedish-based MATCHi has enabled racket sports fans to find available players, a, and book courts nearby for their favorite sport. Their leading racket sports marketplace and booking system has now struck a partnership with one of the top clubs in Germany, Padelworld Bochum. Following a successful expansion of the company into the German market, the Swedish-based scale-up is set to enter a new, exciting era in Germany, together with Padelworld Bochum.

Press release

"Padelworld Bochum is one of the leading venues within padel in Germany and has been around for over one year and is a venue that’s at the forefront of offering and developing tournaments, series games, and youth activities. That journey and that knowledge that comes with it are precious in our collaboration towards the common goal of making the padel accessible to everyone", says Marcel Maltritz, Founder of Padelworld Bochum.

Padelworld Bochum has, in a brief time, positioned itself as one of the leading padel facilities in Germany and is today a meeting place for everyone in the area who wants to try the new sport or compete at higher levels. They have an essential role in the growing interest of the sport Padel in the region and Germany as an exciting market with their long traditions of racket sports. 

MATCHi is very proud to be the booking platform and marketplace partner together with Padelworld Bochum and Marcel. Before we expanded into Germany, we understood the importance of making our app available in German. We are looking forward to getting feedback from the players and developing MATCHi to make Germany’s Padel and racket sports more accessible through user-friendly tech.

"Padelworld Bochums concept will be one to keep an eye on, and I hope we will see more venues in the future from the team behind the Bochum venue”, says Johan Rogebrant, Chief Growth Officer at MATCHi.

About MATCHi

MATCHi exists to empower people in racket sports through user-friendly tech. MATCHi’s booking platform not only helps clubs administer less but also connects venues with players through its marketplace. Combining in-depth market insights with technological expertise, MATCHi simplifies life for racket sports venues through every stage of the customer journey. Founded in 2012, MATCHi was created to facilitate the growth of racket sports and has in recent years grown to become one of the world’s largest companies in the segment. With over 1,200 venues, 960,000 players, and more than 70 employees spread out across the globe, MATCHi’s vision is to be the obvious platform for the global racket sports community.


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About padelworld Bochum

The largest outdoor Padel club of Germany with 4 courts with plans to expand with 6 more courts. Already 600 registered players with a franchise concept to expand into other cities. Works along the largest padel companies, Wilson, Head, Adidas are all advertising partners to Padelworld Bochum.

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