Padel on tour - Sweden

We’ve just released a brand new episode of Padel on tour. It's time to say hello to Sweden and its padel landscape!

Padel in Sweden

Padel on tour is our way of exploring and understanding the global padel landscape and its growth. Together with Padel Alto, we’ve travelled across the globe - from Argentina to the UK, from Dubai to the Netherlands. This time, we turned our attention to the home of MATCHi - Sweden. 

In this episode

It's fair to say that this new episode is jam-packed with padel goodies. Here are just a few of the things you can expect from the episode: We’ll visit Emmie Ekdal who’s trying to get more woman involved in the sport through the project “ShePlays”, meet Johan Fors to learn how he managed to build a successful league for amateurs, and talk to Nathalie Wennerberg, coach at Mölndal Padel, to understand how they activate their player base through activities.


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