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Tournaments are a great way to create engagement, attract more players to your venue and promote social interaction among your players. Let us introduce Padelboard, our tournament tool for competitions!

Let's get competitive, shall we?

Smooth for both you and your players

Through a unified user account across both MATCHi and Padelboard, you and your players can now easy navigate between the two platforms, saving valuable time and enhancing the overall user experience.


MATCHi Tournaments

Create your Padelboard competitions directly in MATCHi Admin in order to seamlessly connect and synchronize your activities.


Something for everyone

We offer various competitions and game types, all in order to cater the needs of your player base.



The classic! The players are drawn with different partners and opponents each game and you collect points individuall.


Team Americano
Like Americano but with the same partner during the whole tournament. Perfect for competing as a team.



Starts like an Americano but becomes more even with each round. Perfect if you want tough games for everyone.


Team Mexicano
Team Mexicano is a mix of Mexicano and Team Americano. You keep you partner and fight your way through more difficult opponents to the top.


MATCHi Playlist

Create activities and tournaments for players with the same level. Based on how they perform, you can categorize your own top list.


Beat the box
A fast-paced game with 4 players per court, flexible playtime, and intense rotations. Wins earn 25 points, draws get 5 points, and losses cost you 15 points.

Our customers words

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When we organize events, we often use Padelboard. The advantage of Padelboard is its user-friendliness, both for us administrators and for the players. It is quick and easy to put together a good arrangement in Padelboard that the players can easily understand.

Oliver Thrulsson

Hallchef, Katedralen

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Last year we redesigned our padel concept for our 240 network partners and started a league game and we chose to invest in Padelboard. It has created an added value where the players can follow how they are doing after each round played. For our part, it has facilitated as we no longer have to draw the game round manually. Instead, we can spend time on more important things; the human contact with our network partners.

Alen Bibic


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The advantage of organizing tournaments or events is that we offer players a different way to play than just traditional matches. As a player, all you have to do is sign up, and we take care of the whole game experience with set-up, opponents, etc. It is simply both fun and convenient for the players. And the players are always our number one priority.

Oliver Thrulsson

Hallchef, Katedralen

Dynamic pricing

We've split the payment into 2 areas: 5 € per court and month, as well as 1 € per player and tournament. 


5€ + 1€

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