How to elevate the player experience

Just like any other business, it’s important to optimize and enhance the customer experience as much as possible. In light of this, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight 5 aspects that can take your padel venue to the next level, and enable the ultimate playing conditions.

Shine bright like a diamond

We guess you’ve experienced this before. You arrive at a court and the glass walls are filled with handprints, ball marks and various types of blemishes all over. Blemishes that make the overall playing experience not as rewarding as it should and could. With that being said, try to make sure that the glass walls are nice and clean. Just like you would at home - create that premium feel.

Lighting is key

It might sound excessive, but lighting is one of the most important aspects to create good conditions for padel. If done poorly, your players might not be able to see the ball properly. If done right, you enable a better customer experience. Contact construction companies to discuss the best alternatives when it comes to lightning, if you’ve had people complaining. An investment your venue will create revenue on - customer loyalty-revenue.

Relax, take it easy

Padel can be a very intensive sport, giving people the urge to just sit down for a while - breathe out, and discuss the events of the game. If possible, try to implement a lounge area where players can regain their energy and perhaps buy a snack or two from your café? Win, win.

Rent a racket

Each and every day, new people are introduced to the beautiful world of padel and its humble community. To make the journey from arriving at the venue to being on the court less time-consuming and more smooth, we suggest you automate racket rentals. An effort that enables you to save both money and your precious time. 
Stream it

This one is the icing on the player experience-cake. If possible, enable your players to record and live stream their games - a great way to engage the player base and become a venue that stands out from the crowd. Curious to learn more? Click here to read about MATCHi TV.

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