5 ways to make your venue smarter

At the end of the day, every successful organization needs a bit of smartness in their life’s. All in order to focus on the stuff that truly matters. We’ve doodled down 5 ways in which you can automate your venue, make it a little bit smarter.

Let me in

First things first, your customers need to be able to enter the venue - even when you’re not there. It’s kind of a deal-breaker, to be fair. The easiest way to make this happen is by giving each and every booking a unique entrance code. Simple.

Turn on the lights

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, having the right lighting is probably one of the most important factors in creating optimal playing conditions. With that being said, you don't want to waste more money and energy than you have to. Automated lighting associated with bookings allows you to do just that. Your energy bill and mother earth will be forever grateful. Lights on, lights off. 

A warm welcome

What a difference a screen makes. Greet your guests in style and create a more welcoming atmosphere by adding our digital signage solution to your venue - guiding players to their courts in an easy way. As you can see, it’s Paquito approved. 


Rent a racket

Each and every day, new people are introduced to the beautiful world of padel and its humble community. To make the journey from arriving at the venue to being on the court less time-consuming and more smooth, we suggest you automate racket rentals. An effort that enables you to save both money and your precious time. 

_DSF5658Automated tournaments

Through Padelboard Arena, your venue is able to host tournaments in an effortless and automated way - enabling players to follow the process continuously. Let's face it, every once in a while people want to be competitive, here's the chance to make that happen. Click here to discover the possibilities of Padelboard Arena.

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