Introducing: Marc Møller - our new MATCHi ambassador

It’s safe to say that the danish padel landscape is growing like never before, with new people constantly being introduced to the wonderful world of padel. In light of this, we’re thrilled to announce that Danish number one, Marc Møller, has become a MATCHi ambassador. Welcome to the team!


This is Marc Møller

Like many other succesful padel players, Marc started his racket sports journey on the tennis court. One lucky day, four years ago, he stumbled upon it’s sister sport and made the switch to padel. A switch that would prove to be differential as he’s now managed to establish himself as Denmarks best male padel player - stacking up wins together with his playing partner Emil Hansen. 

Marc is a racket sports enthusiast through and through, having coached both padel and tennis players at the highest level. More recently, the danish number one released his company MoveYourGame - founded to offer people tailor-made padel courses and introduce new people to the sport.

First the obvious one: How does it feel to become an MATCHi ambassador?

"It feels great. I have used MATCHi through RacketClub and i'm very happy with their booking system. The people I have met from MATCHi have been professional and passionate about padel, something we which we have in common.”

What do you hope to achieve through this partnership?

“I hope to take my padel career a step further. Training and sparring for example in Sweden is essential for a player like myself. Here, MATCHi will be able to help me a lot.”

MATCHi’s upbringing is deeply rooted in tennis. Having experienced both sports, what do you feel the two sports can learn from each other?

I have played and coached tennis for many years. I think padel is more social and accessible. I also love the variation of movements which are used almost in every single point in padel.”

Just like MATCHi, you want to make the sport more accessible, how can we enable that together?

The sport will grow with more awareness in the general public and more courts. But also with more quality coaching which will develop players and keep them in the sport for many years.  During this year, i will start helping other coaches and spread my know-how and knowledge via Instagram. MATCHi can play a key role by helping new centers on their journey.” 

Anna Ek, Sponsor and Partnership Manager at MATCHi, is thrilled to welcome Marc to the team.

“We’ve been following Marc’s impressive progress for quite some time now, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the MATCHi team. Through Marc’s enthusiasm and love for racket sports, we hope to introduce more people to the danish padel community and support him on his continued journey of success.” 

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