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Multiball is on a mission to turn your home into an interactive sports and gaming area

MUNICH. It should come as no surprise that we live in a technological world. However, there seems to be a new innovation on the rise. One where you merge real sports and gaming to create a whole new workout experience. With companies like FunWithBalls leading the way through products such as MultiBall and interactiveSQUASH, the racket sports world is starting to see more technical elements being incorporated into their games.

Where technology meets sports

Through MATCHi’s participation in the ASICS TENKAN-TEN program, we got to know the energetic people at the Munich-based FunWithBalls. The German sports tech startup was founded back in 2016 by Markos Kern and has since grown rapidly. Today, the company employs over 20 people from 15 different countries. They’re on an exciting mission: To engage people to do more sports – but with a twist.

“We all love sports and I personally believe it is an important part of our personal development and the backbone of society. However, starting and keeping up sports nowadays is facing quite some competition, especially in younger generations and the numbers in some sports speak a very clear language. That’s why we felt a digital upgrade is needed to make sports even more fun”, says Markos Aristides Kern, CEO and Founder Fun With Balls GmbH

Their idea sounds simple enough. You mount a specifically designed frame onto a wall that can fit its size and connect it to a projector. Thanks to the company’s high-tech software you can basically turn any wall into interactive sports, fitness, or even an educational platform. Their products can be found in many sports and leisure facilities, as well as schools worldwide, and the demand for their products was rising. But then came COVID-19.

Adapting to a new reality with innovation

Due to the pandemic, a large majority of sports facilities were closed down all over the world. So, like many other companies, FunWithBalls had to adapt – and adapt they did. By making a few changes to their already existing product MultiBall, they’re now on a mission to turn your home into interactive sports and gaming area with their newest product MultiBall Home.

“We received inquiries from tennis and squash players as well as parents at events and via social media whether the system was also available for home use. Unfortunately, due to the price and size of the systems, we were not able to offer a perfect solution. Thus I am very happy that we can finally offer a product that fits in every home”, says Dennis Fischer, Marketing Manager, Fun With Balls

MultiBall in a nutshell

In short, MultiBall consists of a ball detection sensor frame and a motion tracking system. The 25 preinstalled exercises, educational games, and training applications can be played with any ball larger than 5 cm. The user can throw, kick or use rackets to play MultiBall – and now, they can even do it at home.

If you want to see more videos of how the MultiBall system works and what it can be used for, make sure to check it out here:📺

At MATCHi, we’re super excited to follow technology’s entry into the world of racket sports. It will be particularly interesting to see how and if it will change the way people think about practicing sports.

Are you interested in getting in contact with FunWithBalls? Awesome, give them our best! Click here to go to their website directly🎾

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