Our CEO attended the opening of the first European POP Tennis venue

The US success sport, POP Tennis, has now officially landed in Sweden. During the weekend, Play Sports Academy opened its doors to the first-ever indoor POP Tennis venue in Europe and our very own CEO, Daniel Ekman, was there to experience it all.

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The start of something new

During the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to help the racket sports we all know and love grow and prosper. Now, we’ve been acquainted with a new one: POP Tennis. A sport that’s widely popular in the US with thousands of courts available across the nation. Its popularity has now seen it travel “across the pond” to Karlstad, Sweden. Being close to our CEO’s hometown, it only felt fitting to let Daniel attend the grand opening of Europe's first-ever indoor POP Tennis venue at Play Sport Academy - who are using the MATCHi platform.  

"This game is nostalgic for me in the best way possible: it reminds me of mini tennis or short tennis played as a kid. I loved that sport. I loved those games. I still remember finally winning my first match over my neighbor who was 7 years older and the sense of joy that lasted me throughout that summer. I'm gonna play more of this for sure.” Daniel comments. 

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POP Tennis and ESG

What is POP Tennis? Well, it’s a sport that combines the best elements of traditional tennis with a few unique twists. With its smaller courts, softer balls that allow for longer rallies and less impact, and specially designed rackets that enhance the playing experience - it offers a fun and engaging experience.  

In Sweden, the sport is governed by the European Sports Group (ESG), founded by acclaimed athletes such as Swedish tennis star Magnus Norman and ice hockey legend Jörgen Jönsson. ESG’s mission is clear: to expand the game’s reach and attract more people to get involved in the game, something that has seen them become the official POP Tennis License holder in Europe; sublicensed from MATCHi partner Tennis Australia, the global rights holder for the sport.  

“We always encourage and support new and exciting initiatives in broadening the racket sports landscape. ESG and their work is a perfect example of just that, enabling POP Tennis to come to Europe and simplifying for driven entrepreneurs to jump onboard. It’s great to see how dedicated and passionate they are about the sport, and I look forward to seeing how the sport will evolve and grow during the years to come.”   


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