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Make your venue even more competitive

We want to help your venue deliver a great racket sports experience to all of your players, it's as easy as that. One important aspect in enabling that is to have the right tools. No need to worry - we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get competitive, shall we?

Simplify your tournaments

Through Padelboard Arena, your venue can arrange automated padel tournaments in an easy and intuitive way - regardless of size. By hosting tournaments at your venue, you enhance customer value and in turn maintain a loyal customer base.


4,6%* higher occupancy

Padel venues that are using Padelboard By MATCHi are increasingly outperforming the average padel venue in terms of occupancy.

During 2022, venues using Padelboard By MATCHi had a higher occupancy of 4.6%* compared to its benchmark, equaling a yearly booking value of 8 300 euro per court**.

* Calculated using 400 SEK as an hourly rate and 14h of bookable time per day
** Average occupancy for all indoor padel venues that are currently using Padelboard by MATCHi

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A complete tournament tool

It should be easy to host a tournament. Through Padelboard By MATCHi, you enables just that. Let us explain how.

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Web Interface

All you need is a web browser to manage your tournaments. Easy peasy.

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Game types

Americano, Team Americano, Mexicano, Team Mexicano or Beat the box. You decide.


Mobile App

Participants manage their own games in the Padelboard By MATCHi app.

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Attract new players and increase your occupancy through tournaments.



Establish your own padel community by activating your player base.


Decide if the players manage the tournament, or if you do.

A complete tournament experience

Tag along as our ambassadors get to battle it out over a Padelboard By MATCHi tournament.

The tournament app

Players can easily report their own scores through the Padelboard By MATCHi app, so you don't have to. Win-win.

Psst! New concept for Padelboard Arena:

MATCHi Playlist

Create a loyal community of players with our new competition type for Padelboard Arena.


What is MATCHi Playlist?

MATCHi Playlist enables your venue to create activities and tournaments for players with the same skill level. In other words: A more fun, competitive and rewarding experience. 

Your own top list

Players meet and compete with each other, nothing new there. Here comes the smart part: Based on how they perform on the court, your venue is able to categorize players - creating your own venue-specific top list. The icing on the cake? The more they play, the better their matching levels will be.

How does it work?

Initially, MATCHi Playlist will be based on a new game type - Beat the box. 

* 4 players/court

* Flexible game time

* Teams rotate, everyone faces each other

* Win = 25p, Draw = 5p and Loss = -15p

* Points are added to the MATCHi Playlist

Dynamic tournaments and prizing

We've split the payment into 2 areas: 5 € Per court & month, as well as 1 € Per player & tournament. 

Dynamic prizing

5€ + 1€

• Unlimited number of players

• Uneven amount of players

• Dynamic pricing

• Dedicated support

• No hidden fees

What does our customers say?

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The perfect tool for us when hosting larger tournaments and events!


Göran Bånge

Frysen Padel Strängnäs

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When it is this simple to create, market and host events there really are no excuses for not doing it often.

Andreas Bryngelsson

Padel 24Seven

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Easy to use and beautiful design! Saves us a lot of valuable time that we can spend on our members instead of tedious admin.


Patrik Hinders

Borlänge Padelcenter

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